How to Create the Perfect Home Office

How to Create the Perfect Home Office


Connie Bandfield

Connie Bandfield

Connie Bandfield offers a host of tips and tricks for creating the ultimate workspace at home. Minimize distractions and maximize productivity with this advice!

Workforces are becoming increasingly more mobile. Whereas in the past workers were relegated to their desks at their place of work, today it’s becoming increasingly more common to simply work remotely. Approximately 3.9 million Americans work from home – and that number is only growing! And while working from home is extremely comfortable and beneficial in many regards, it can also be highly distracting, which is why it pays to have a very deliberate and thought out workspace to maximize productivity. With this in mind, and with the advice of interior design expert Connie Bandfield, we’ll take a look at how to create the perfect home office below.

Create a separate space

According to Connie Bandfield, your office should be separate from your bedroom and other living spaces. The reason for this is that you want to create a mental divide between your workspace and your living space. This will not only help you switch off when your work hours are done, but it will minimize distractions and allow you to focus more wholly on your work.

Make it simple but comfortable

“Workspaces should be as free of clutter as possible.” Connie Bandfield says. “Not only will this minimize distraction and let you focus solely on the work at hand, but it’ll also just make your workspace more pleasant on the whole.” On top of that, you want your workspace to be comfortable. Considering that you’re going to be spending a large part of your day here – up to eight hours – it’s important that your home office is space you enjoying being in. This means making sure it’s neither too hot or too cold, that you have a comfortable chair and that you have a desk that is high quality and practical.

Have every tool you need

“When you work for a company, you have every office tool at your disposal.” Connie Bandfield says. “It’s important that you have the same at home.” Whether this is a functional laptop, the latest software or even a printer, it’s vital that you have every piece of office kit you might need. Stopping halfway through a project because you don’t have the necessary tools will break your concentration and slow down your productivity.


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